Human Resources

To improve the competitiveness of public and private companies, Apave offers consulting to develop employee potential and optimize organizations.

Our human resources consulting focuses on four areas:

Recruitment consulting, which may involve rapid, targeted identification of applicants and detailed skills assessments to successfully integrate new hires. Development of management and interpersonal skills. Apave’s organizational consulting services cover:- Industrial organization - Quality, safety and environmental management - Risk management Based on the issue, Apave can assist on various levels:

  • Risk management and performance levels management
  • Deployment of a management system based on requirements and guidelines
  • Performance improvement
  • Total reorganization of activities

Human resources engineering. Apave can apply its expertise to designing or revising organizational charts, defining departmental missions, studying positions, proposing redeployment and training plans, helping jobholders assume their responsibilities and assessing current employees’ skills and potential.


Apave's specialists use proven instructional methods appropriate for developing countries. Apave teams can help you:

  • Analyze needs
  • Write a training plan
  • Design teaching materials and resources
  • Teach classes
  • Assess skills

Apave’s international services are financed nationally (by the public and private sectors) and/or internationally (by the World Bank, ADB, Agence Française de Développement/AFD, EDF, UNDP, UNIDO and others). Clients include government departments, public agencies and authorities, local communities and private industrial and commercial business operators.