APAVE is a company which exists for more than 130 years; it plays an important role in the inspection, technical support, consulting and professional training in France and throughout the world.

Today the APAVE group is present everywhere in France, with one hundred and twenty agencies and eight laboratories; it intervenes in more than one hundred countries on the six continents. Its 8000 collaborators, in which 5800 engineers and technicians, field inspectors and consultants, give the governments, companies and local institutions the right solutions to their specific needs in various sectors.

APAVE group is composed of four local entities in France, in which three are equipped with a Technical Centre (CETE). APAVE group has seen its turnover increased by 3,5 % in the year 2005, to be established at 536 millions euros.

A continuous dynamic growth

With an average and yearly increase rate of +6,6% for the turnover and of +33% for the net result, the Apave Group records each year, since 1999, economic results in a sustained and constant progression.

Beyond the predominant historical part of the Inspection and Technical Assistance, the other activities and Apave subsidiaries also contribute to the development of the Group.
The APAVE group develops missions in every sector of activities responding to the needs of the clients: Civil Engineering, Property, Electrotechnics, Energy and Environment, Metallurgy, Pressure vessels, Transportation of dangerous goods, Prevention, Quality, Mechanics, Lifting and Handling, Training… Our main objectives are to fulfil the needs of the market, to integrate new activities, to develop and increase our competitiveness, so as to give a better service to our 200,000 clients.

N° 1 in training on technical risk assessment in France, using our experience, our technical competencies and our knowledge of the evolution of the regulations, APAVE helps organisations to implement their correctives and preventives safety measures, in particular in buildings and on sites.

APAVE puts at their disposal its laboratories, its testing centers and the skills of its collaborators in the sector of pollution, control of materials, testing of products, metrology, assessment of working conditions.

Organization, management, business strategies are successfully dealt by the preventors, specialists of the environment, quality auditors, doctors, veterinaries of APAVE. They offer customized services to manage risks, for long lasting performance.